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Who do we help ?

We have a proven track record for confidence building, possibly our proudest achievement. Please do read what our clients say about this.

We are committed to providing a perfect balance of qualified professional care with a warm, compassionate and a highly motivating approach.

Age Range

Our clients can be aged from 15 with no upper limit.


Our clients come from every walk of life, because health issues can affect anyone and everyone. Frequently the greatest matter for concern in any client is low self-esteem and an absence of expectation towards overcoming the devastating effects of their condition. Clients have included, amongst many others, single parents, tradespeople, "burnt out" chief executives and even senior health professionals.

Conditions for which we regularly provide care

The Bridge House environment is particularly well suited to meet the needs of people with such as:

Long term conditions

Temporary disabilities

 - Multiple Sclerosis
 - Parkinson's Disease
 - Palliative care
 - Heart attack
 - Stroke sufferers

 - Head injury
 - Post-operative rehabilitation
 - Heart attack
 - Stroke sufferers

A particular Specialism

We specialise in helping younger people with dementia.