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A typical day for clients at Bridge House

Allow us to introduce two of our clients

Here are the stories of two of our many clients, whose lives were devastated until significantly improved by spending time at Bridge House.

In both cases they are now enjoying, in particular, renewed self confidence.


After a road accident, and his father's untimely death


Overcoming illness

Introducing Michael

Michael was born in 1961 in the Queen Mary's hospital Stratford, West Ham, London. He had an average childhood, but during his teenage period was inclined to be foolish. As a result he had a road accident where a car knocked him off his motorbike. He cannot remember exactly how it happened.

After his accident he hoped to do a job involving horology (working with clocks and such like) but found that although he received his certificate, he felt under pressure and lost his confidence whilst studying. In addition he also lost his father around this time. He completely lost his confidence, was not taking his medication and generally did not look after himself properly. He had become an introvert, in his own words "a bit of a hermit".

When he first came to Bridge House Michael was very quiet, but enjoyed his visits very much. Now as he has gained trust in the staff, and also had the support and friendship of other clients he has become more confident and much more complete in his personality. So much so that he would like to go back to college in the future. He says that identifying with people with similar needs to himself, and also the support of the staff has made him feel relaxed in his environment.

A typical day for Michael at Bridge House

Michael's average day consists of arrival at Bridge House at 9.15am having driven himself from home.

The general day's activities commence at 10:00am with a get together in the lounge, the clients socialise and swap gossip whilst having their morning drink and biscuit.

After the social time Michael proceeds to the Conservatory to do craftwork, and drawing being his special interest in which he has shown a lot of talent. On other occasions Michael will sit and socialise further in the lounge.

At 1:00pm lunch is served, which is a varied menu. After lunch Michael will either do activities in the garden with other clients or alternatively take part in a general knowledge quiz.

On occasion Michael will receive one to one support to help with confidence building.

During the afternoon there will be another break for a drink, with everyone returning home between 4 and 4:30pm.