Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide food?

Breakfast, lunch and an evening meal is available, depending on the part of the day spent here. We take pride in offering good quality home cooking, hence all our food is prepared and cooked on site. See also: Day Services.

What are your charges?

We are a not-for-profit organisation keeping our charges below commercial rates while upholding a very high standard. There is a basic price to cover food and general support. In addition there are prices for the options selected by each client, for example physio or hydrotherapy. Therefore an overall "package price" is worked out for each individual.     

How close is the nearest hospital?

Princess Royal Hospital is less than 1.5 miles away. It is the county's second largest hospital. The largest is the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, less than 25 minutes away.

May I bring a pet?

For the sake of other clients' preferences we do not allow pets on the premises, with the exception of welcoming guide dogs for the blind.

Is there nearby accommodation?

Telford and the surrounding area provide a good selection of accommodation. If you require somewhere very close by there is a Travel Lodge one mile away, and hotels not much further away in nearby Wellington.

Is the house wheelchair friendly?

Yes, wheelchairs can access any area of the building.

Do you have a social calendar?

For clients who wish to find diversity there are special dinners, days out to museums and local events, and of course the company of our other clients. We find one another a source of inspiration so we make efforts to encourage interaction when a client wishes it.