Caring about how we care

Where you come first

Bridge House has an enviable reputation. We know that providing care for people who are suffering long term physical conditions, or recovering from trauma or life-changing surgery takes much skill. And the most important skill is listening. Consequently we are highly focussed on individual needs, genuinely listening to what our clients want and then tailoring a unique package of caring services for them.

All our clients are from all walks of life - even health professionals! Every day our clients return to their homes or local accommodation - and look forward to their next day with us, which might be daily or weekly. 

Bridge House is a beautiful location in the heart of Shropshire. The atmosphere is relaxing, fun, and as sociable or as private as you wish. Our services are renowned for their effectiveness and provided in the utmost confidence.

Restoring confidence

We are able to uniquely claim that not a single client has missed any day planned with us, and none have failed to move on right through the schedule of care that they asked for.

Bridge House Day Care is fully accredited by Telford & Wrekin Council and Shrewsbury and Atcham Council.

For anyone in need of care

Our clients come to us privately or are recommended to us by consultants in the health service. Our doors are always open to friends, relatives, visitors and prospective clients who would like to see the centre and discuss the therapies available.

If you are looking for a place to help rebuild confidence and abilities for yourself or someone you care for, then please feel welcome to call Sherrel for a friendly and confidential chat.